About CfG

Collaboration for Growth is an initiative designed to bring together like minds from similar schools to develop professional development pathways and to create a growth mind-set in our schools and in the Asia Pacific region. The schools are:

wab_logo multicolor HighRes 800x800     YIS-Logo-Color-1    Hi-res_logoseal   ???????????????????????????????   WAB Beijing               YIS Yokohama          ISM Manila               NIST Bangkok

Our Rationale: 

To bring together like minds from similar schools to collaborate for growth

Our Purpose:

  • To engage in thinking, dialogue and teaching practice that explores, experiments with and promotes best practice
  • To explore the possibilities that develop and grow teacher practice and teacher effectiveness
  • To develop a quadrangular professional development model that meets the needs of the 4 schools and that encourages active thinking, active dialogue and active teaching practice
  • To align our beliefs with our theory on best practice
  • To improve learning outcomes for all students
  • To share the learning and thinking with the wider educational community

Our first event is an inquiry symposium on November 28-30.

We will explore inquiry learning in our schools from September through to November and come together to create a PD model for inquiry learning that involves an on-going multifaceted approach to professional development in order to maximise teaching and learning and develop teacher practice in inquiry pedagogy.

3 thoughts on “About CfG

  1. Dear all, I am looking forward to being part of the Collaboration for Growth project. I will be joining from YIS along with the elementary principal, Jacquie, the first event at NIST.
    ES Vice Prinicpal/PYP Coordinator

  2. Hello everyone,
    Not long now! Excited about meeting everyone and hosting you here at NIST. Very glad to be part of the Collaboration for Growth project.

    Chat soon,

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